VyprVPN vs ExpressVPN 2022: The Ultimate VPN Battle

We all know that price plays an important role in selecting a VPN  provider. Similarly, speed is equally important. While testing these two providers, we first gathered raw speed data of both which indicates their sustained connection speed as well as ping time. Then we used the VPN to check the real-time performance of each.

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🚀Bottom Line Upfront:

It costs more to pay for just one month at a time. But both ExpressVPN and VyprVPN are priced higher than most other companies. They do offer savings for people who commit to paying for more months at once, though. For example, you can pay for a year of coverage with Express VPN and save almost half the price per month, or even less if you subscribe to a twelve-month plan of Vypr VPN.

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN provider out there in the market and it is much better than VyprVPN on the basis of its features & benefits, security & privacy and much more. Start using ExpressVPN today and save up to 25% on your purchase.

About ExpressVPN Overview: Is ExpressVPN Any Good ?

What is ExpressVPN ?

At ExpressVPN, they believe in protecting you and your online activity without sacrificing the vital speed of a high-speed Internet connection. They ensure 100% security while connecting to different servers in each country (128 countries worldwide).

You will be secure and anonymous on public Wi-Fi networks while browsing local websites. Your data is protected from interception by any form of hacker attack, and your identity remains hidden from third parties when connected through VPN service providers like ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN will get you around any firewall or censorship system. With a single click, you can choose to connect to any of their global servers, so you can watch your favorite TV shows or sporting events no matter where you are.

ExpressVPN is very consistent in terms of its download speed from one server to another. The speed in every single server network is within just 1MB/sec and just a tiny portion of the unprotected speed is completely lost. The upload speeds are similar, however, it lacks in places like Japan and Hong Kong due to the massive distance.

 VyprVPN vs ExpressVPN- Express VPN

The distance also causes higher ping times for the specific servers which cannot be avoided. ExpressVPN Is not fast on the paper itself but is fast in real-time performance as well. You can load pages and videos instantly at full resolution along with streaming services and you will not face any buffer or lag.

Expressvpn trustpilot reviews

The websites feel quite responsive. The performance is exactly what has given ExpressVPN its top spot.

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About VyprVPN Overview : Is VyprVPN any good?

What isVyprVPN ?

VyprVPN has a simple security setup that allows you to control all your network traffic using just a single account. Get all the benefits of VPN service at a fraction of the cost with an affordable monthly plan. The goal of VyprVPN is to provide a high-quality VPN service that can protect your data, communication and online activities with privacy and security in mind.

They make it easy for their users to keep up with all their internet needs while maintaining an unencumbered level of privacy; while also giving them peace of mind in case they need protection from surveillance by governments or their corporate overlords.

According to VyprVPN, it performs well however, the performance isn’t very consistent when compared with ExpressVPN. The upload speeds are pretty strong and beat ExpressVPN in a few cases. Most of the servers also match the download speeds, however, locations like US and the UK are lagging behind even having over 700 servers in 65 countries.

 VyprVPN vs ExpressVPN- VyprVPN

In terms of ping times, both the VPNs are almost at par and it gets tough to choose anyone for gaming. VyprVPN was sluggish in use, loading took some extra seconds, and instability in connection was noticed for 30 seconds post internet connection of the VPN.

VyprVPN VPN awards

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Connection Speed Between VyprVPN and TunnelBear

The connection speed of both providers was checked, a few speed tests were conducted at two very different locations (US and UK). First, we recorded the connection times in the U.S., by logging into servers with enabled OpenVPN.

Then, we conducted several tests for checking latency and also conducted geolocation tests establishing whether servers are part of the countries. Three tests with eight-hour gaps were run.

U.S. Connection Speeds (local) VyprVPN

For VyprVPN, the best speed came out to be 106 Mbps. Not an impressive speed, but way more than the 78Mbps speed we typically encounter during downloads. 

The results of ExpressVPN, speed of  108 Mbps.

Speed Winner (local): ExpressVPN

Connection speed (International)

VyprVPN’s result in the UK server was 78 Mbps, about 3% decrease from normal, without VPN speeds. 

ExpressVPN offers speed of 91Mbps.

Speed Winner (International): ExpressVPN

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VyprVPN vs ExpressVPN: Pricing Battle

Pricing is a very straightforward category for the VPNs to score along with their customer service. Pricing is quite important to many people and it’s obvious that none would spend money on something which is worthless.

ExpressVPN Pricing

The pricing of ExpressVPN is quite steep in contrast to most of the VPN options, however, it does not fall in the list of overpriced VPNs such as hide.me. It offers a fair price point though it is the best VPN available in the market.

 ExpressVPN Pricing

(i) The 1-Month plan:

This will cost you $12.95 per month.

(ii) The 6-Months plan:

This will cost you $9.99 per month and you will be billed every 6-months for $59.95. You can save about 23%.

(iii) The 15-months plan

This will cost you $6.66 per month and you will be billed $99.95 for the initial 15-months and then you will be billed for 12 months. You can save about 49%.

ExpressVPN has just one platform to offer and it includes only five device simultaneous connections. If you wish to add many devices, you will have to get another account, and this is quite a hassle.

The monthly pricing seems to be a bit expensive, however, the 6-month and 15-month plans are preferred. These plans are not as favorable as the ones offered by CyberGhost which offers huge discounts if you sign-up for a long-term plan. Payments can be done via PayPal, Credit card, Bitcoin, and many more options like Sofort and Mint.

They offer customer support 24*7. There aren’t any free trials provided which is painful, but it has a 30-day money-back guarantee on the plan, and in case you aren’t happy, .

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